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On February 18th, Vintage Hudson Valley moves into the blogosphere with stories by noted writers and editors, capturing this magical place between New York City and Albany in ways you have never seen it before. Whimsical, forthright, irreverent and inspiring, these weekly musings --- so full of surprises --- pack the punch of a Washington Irving and a T.C. Boyle. No two voices sound the same.
We lead off with David Yeadon, National Geographic writer, whose travel books grace the shelves of many libraries, including his own at Mohegan Lake, NY. In the next few weeks we will be visited by Tim Moriarty, Managing Editor, Wine Enthusiast; Margie Goldsmith, Contributing Editor, Elite Traveler; and award-winning journalists Rachel Dickinson and Judie Fein. And this is only the beginning. For a look at the new Vintage Hudson Valley, visit
"My friend had just pointed out a narrow stretch of water between the West Point Military Academy and the village of Cold Spring as the place where colonial revolutionaries had once installed a huge cast iron chain under the surface to rip out the wooden hulls of British man o' wars. Then with an ominous crunching sound, not unlike chain-gouging I imagine, our engine abruptly ceased and seemed to have no intention whatsoever of ever starting up again. But at least we were still moving. Backwards."
- from David Yeadon's "A Watery Hudson Odyssey";
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David Yeadon is the author of Seasons on Harris, Seasons in Basilicata, and the bestselling National Geographic Guide to the World's Secret Places. He has written, illustrated, and designed more than twenty books about travel around the world. He and his wife live in Mohegan Lake, New York. Click here for a preview of David's latest book, AT THE EDGE OF IRELAND - Seasons on the Beara Peninsula.
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